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Training Course Objectives:
This training program for Siemens Simatic Manager V5.6 & WinCC Flexible, Covers Basic,Intermediate & Advance PLC Programming with S7-300/400 CPU. This course provides a deep and advance understanding of Siemens PLC programming capabilities. Control strategies and deep programming will be reviewed. Data Movement, Floating Point Math, Shift, Compare, Distribute, Collection, Transfer, Control Projects and instructions will be covered.

Training Course Aims:
Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:
• Construct, test and run PLC programs using instructions.
• Utilize advanced trouble shooting tools online.
• Download, Upload, Save and copy programs.
• Formulate a control strategy for creating PLC programs.
• VFD Control Programming
• Fully document a PLC program.
• Utilize advanced troubleshooting tools.

Duration is 5 Days

Recommended Audience:
Electricians, Technicians, Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, Control Engineers, Individuals who need to be able to understand the advanced capabilities of Siemens S7-300/400 PLCs.

• Basic computer skills are required.
• Basic Electricity.
• Basic Knowledge on Electrical /Electronics.

• PLC S7-300/400, Simatic Touch Panel, Fluke Process Meter, Micromaster, MM420
• Training Laptop with Simatic Manager V5.6 & HMI Software Installed.


Training Course Content:
Siemens S7300/400

LESSON 1 – Introduction and Overview.
• Course Objectives.
• Course Prerequisites.
• Computer Numbering Systems.
LESSON 2 – Number Systems.
• Binary Numbers.
• Hexadecimal Numbers.
• Octal Numbers.
• Binary Coded Decimal.
• Integer (16/32 Bit).
• Decimal (16/32 Bit).
LESSON 3 – Hardware Review.
• Hardware Components.
• Inputs and addressing.
• Outputs and addressing.
• Power Supplies.
• Memory Types.
LESSON 4 – Programming Equipment.
• Programming Software.
• Simatic Manager overview.
• File Format.
• Hardware Connection.
• Communication (MPI; Profibus; Profinet).
LESSON 5 – Basic Instructions.
• Symbols
• Ladder Logic.
• STL (Statement List).
• Common Instructions.
LESSON 6– Develop and Edit Programs
• Launching Simatic Manager.
• Creating a New Project.
• Editing the Ladder.
• Exercise – Contacts and Coils and advance functions
• Program Transfer.
• Online Editing.
• Monitor the Program Operation.
• Forcing Bits and Changing Registers.

LESSON 7 – Programming Functions with Projects
• Timers, Counters Math functions, MOV other Advance functions.
• Program Examples and programming functions.
• FC; FB; DB configurations.
• Indirect Addressing.
• Troubleshooting Methodology.
• Best Practices in Programming (GPP).
• Additional Timer Commands.

LESSON 8 – Integration to HMI & SCADA
• Introduction to HMI Simatic WinCC Flexible.
• Various Functions display in HMI.
• Mixer Tank Project creation in PLC.
• Downloading to PLC and Debugging.
• Creating Screens to Control Mixer Tank and Monitor.
• Establishing communication to PLC and HMI/Runtime.
• Debugging and Monitoring.
• Function Block (FB) programming.
• Function (FC) programming.
• Data Block (DB) Programming.

LESSON 9 – Advance programming using Analog I/O
• Introduction to Analog input and Output.
• Programming Analog Input and Analog Output.
• Scaling Analog Input.
• Scaling Analog Output.
• Downloading and Testing.
• Integration of AIAO to Mixer Tank Project creation in PLC Downloading to PLC and Debugging.
• Creating Screens to Control Mixer Tank and Monitor. Establishing comm. To PLC and HMI.
• Creating WinCC Flexible Runtime PC based.
• Project Methods (FDS; FAT; SAT; Project Commissioning).

LESSON 10 – Advance programming using Profibus/MM420 VFD.
• Configuring Remote IO via profibus.
• Remote I/O fault programming.
• Configuring Micromaster MM420 VFD.
• Programming Micromaster MM420 VFD.
• Create HMI program to control MM420 VFD.
• Profibus communication between PLC; MM420 & HMI.


Trainer’s Introduction:

Trainer 1
Sunderasen A/L Thangarajan (HRDF Certified Trainer).
Mr. Sunderasen has 35 Years working experience in PLC and HMI programming as a Project Engineer in Singapore. Trained in Australia as an Electrical and Instrument Engineer, he got his PLC and Robotics Training from Ngee Ann Poly Singapore. He has worked in an OEM company for machine fabrication as a programmer and has commissioned machines in Europe and Asia Pacific Region.
He has undergone specialized training in Siemens (Siemens Singapore), Allen Bradley (Rockwell Singapore), Omron (Precicon Singapore) Adept Robot (Adept Singapore) and GE (TDS Singapore).
He has vast experience in Building Management System, integrating HVAC, Security, Fire Fighting System, Electrical and Utilities into one centralized monitoring station. He was one of the responsible people for setting up of the Pharmaceutical Biotech Plant (Schering Plough) in Tuas Singapore which was commissioned in 2002. Therefore, he is done extensive work in Pharmaceutical Plant with GMP qualifications on Buildings, equipment and machineries. The designing and Qualification of the EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) of the Tablet Plant in Tuas Singapore was successfully completed in 2009. Besides the above experience he has done Upgrading PLCs; S5 to S7, Sucos PS24 to Omron, hardwired Incinerators and Boilers to PLC controlled systems.
He is familiar with HMIs and Touch Panels; Simatic, Wonderware, Complicity, RSview, Tellus, CX designers, Hakko, Omron and WinCC. For the past 10 years he has designed and programmed Training Equipment for Enter Corridor, supplier of Trainers and Training Equipment for NSSDC Seremban, ADTEC Kulim and Training institutes in Singapore. He has Train the lecturers for UTM,Enter Corridor, and also conducts advance training in NSSDC Seremban, ADTEC Kulim, Pontian, Kangar and Kepala Batas.

Trainer 2
Thivyanath Nair A/L Vasudevan. (HRDCorp Certified Trainer).
Mr Thivyanath Nair has 6 Years working experience in PLC and HMI programming as Project Engineer and PLC Trainer in AS Automation Services, Malaysia. He has vast experience in training Siemens Simatic Manager V5.6; Siemens TIA Portal V15.1; Siemens S7200 Microwin V4.9; Siemens WinCC Flexible 2008; Siemens WinCC Comfort; Allen Bradley Logix 5000; Allen Bradley Logix 500; Mitsubishi GX Works2; Mitsubishi GT Designer; Omron CX-Programmer V9.7; Omron CX-Designer; Omron Sysmac Studio; Omron NB Designer; GE Fanuc Proficy Machine Edition; Schneider Electric.
Major in Mechanical Engineering in Ungku Omar Polytechnic and UTM has done PLC and HMI projects for MSD Singapore, Evergreen Batu Pahat, Toyo Power Kulai,Johor, Kerry Ingredients Johor, Watertec Johor, etc.
Besides that, he has done many machines troubleshooting which using PLC like, Omron CJ Series, Mitsubishi Q Series, Mitsubishi FX Series, Allen Bradley Compact/Control Logix, Siemens S7300, Siemens S71500 and LG PLC. He is familiar with HMIs and Touch Panels; RSView, CX-Designer, WinCC, Hakko, Mitsubishi, Proface, Delta and etc.
He has trained Engineers from many Industries namely, Malaya Glass, Samsung Seremban, Dyson Senai JB/Singapore, Toyota Shah Alam, Philip Industries (Batam, Indonesia), Petronas, DongHwa Wood Industries, Dematic, Volvo Manufacturing, PEPS-JV Melaka, Swisslog Malaysia..etc.

Special Offer

At the end of the training, we provide a certificate, and ongoing consultation is always free for all participants. This means we offer support through remote online sessions or WhatsApp for your projects and troubleshooting needs.

For Siemens S71200 or Mitsubishi training , we do prepared a "pre-uploaded video courses" in udemy where all participant who joins this training will recived a promo code to enroll in those courses for free.

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