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SLS-119 New Dynamics of the 21st Century: Managing Talent in Multigenerational Workforces

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Effective empowerment skills become increasingly important. Equally important is the ability of managers to apply mentoring, coaching, motivating skills based on scenario so that employees and co-workers become more confident in their expanded roles.

Coaching is a natural extension of training. It is that part of the learning process where the learner gets observed, receives feedback and gets advice from a coach. On the other hand, mentoring is a type of discussion where a subordinate is assigned new responsibilities and allowed to make more decisions.


Section 1: Best Practices for Managing Your Talent
Section 2: Six Core Values for Transforming Your Organisation
Section 3: The Role of Talent Management
Section 4: Develop an Appropriate Talent Management Framework
Section 5: Attract and Retain Talent
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