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VUCA as the trendy term now stand for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are known as management and leadership term by Warren Bennis Ans Burt Nanus. In comparison to prior ears, leading employees whom are in a VUCA environment now takes a new mentality and set of abilities. The world in which we live & work is complicated and uncertain, and leaders must now go beyond doing things the same way it has been done earlier on, to be competent, thrive and survive in current time. The challenges here is that, even the best with potentials can become unstable and uneasy in this VUCA environment. This can affect their motivation, raise the likelihood that they will make "bad" judgements, imperil long-term initiatives, and overwhelm both individuals and organisations as a whole. Therefore, in circumstances that are always changing, one needs to reevaluate how a firm is run.

This program is specially designed to develop, enhance & empower Employee Leadership in VUCA environment. This comes with a strong competency in commitment, integrity, reliability, consistency, and a focused approach towards achieving enhanced corporate performance. The design is focused on transitioning leaders through specific strategic growth areas starting with self-awareness to talent development and evolving to leadership with mastery. This dynamic style will ensure that your future leaders develop the knowledge, interpersonal skills to achieve their ultimate potential with this VUCA concept for a Greater Performance.


Section 1: Defining VUCA Leadership
Section 2: The Transformation of Volatility to Vision
Section 3: The Transformation of Uncertainty to Understanding
Section 4: The Transformation of Complexity to Clarity
Section 5: The Transformation of Ambiguity to Agility
Section 6: Future of VUCA
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