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SAMP Defensive & Safety Driving Training


Explanation of Driving Activities
Why Drive Defensively
Road Accidents Statistics
AIM of Defensive Driving Course
What is Defensive Driving?
Driving Errors (Excuses)
Collisiion Prevention Formula
Understanding of Speed
Safe Following & Stopping Distances
Identification of Hazards and Avoidance
Five Golden Gears System to Safe Driving Concept
Commentary Driving
Advance Cornering Method
Brake & Brake Problems
Emergency Braking & Accidents Avoidance
What causes Skidding & How to correct Skidding
Electronic Stability Program
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SAMP (School of Advance Motoring Principals) was set up in 1989 and had since then put through more than ten thousand students.  Our highly effective approach to behind-the-wheel driver education has helped many individuals in improving their driving standards and major corporations in achieving very significant reductions in their accident rates.

Golden Gears System PLT
74 Jalan Puteri 8/2, Puchong, Bandar Puteri, Malaysia 47100
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