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Secretary Conference 2020

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Apr 30, 2020
USD  810.00


Why You Are Exclusively  Invited to this event?
Every year, we hold an exclusive conference for Secretaries, Receptionists, Professional Assistants (PA) and Administrators who often manage the lives of important people in the workplace.

 Managing the office of a senior executive whereby you deliver substantial benefits for both them and the business is very different from being a mere assistant. The benefits go beyond mere savings in relation to the executive’s time or effort.

That’s what great Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants do, they deliver substantial value, and that’s what we will be examining, and celebrating, in this secretary conference 2017 in a grand way.

Sponsored Door Gifts for EVERY delegate who attend this exclusive conference because you deserve them.

 Delegates will take home in the event with a plethora of practical tips, as well as immediately actionable ideas to increase productivity and impress. But above all, we want to inspire you to go back to your businesses and use what you have learned to add new dimensions to your role. We hope you will agree that we have put together a programme that is a mixture of both the inspirational and practical.


Dear Bosses,
It is time to show your appreciation to your staff who contributes so much to the success of your achievements by nominating them to an appreciation event where their skills and knowledge are continuously upgraded.


Session 1: Positive Work Attitude 
Infect yourself with positive attitude as it leads to a ‘can do’ approach in all that you are to do at work and in life. This session boosts your positive attitude on personal and professional environment. This is done  applying positive psychology techniques. Kickstart your day by renewing your outlook on life and build your inner confidence at the flick of a mental switch.
Session 2: Social Media Branding and How it Affects Your Organisation’s Image
Representing your company, you are the forefront for your CEO, your organization’s image, your company’s brand. You stand for something, you are a brand itself to your organization. And because everyone is on Social Media somehow or other, have a deeper understand of how social media continuously brands yourself and your company.

Session 3: Worklife Balance 
Learn from Malaysia's top Motivational and Family Therapy expert on how to achieve worklife balance; achieving excellence at the workplace, as well as being able to take care of your personal life, family and health to achieve optimum work performance.
Session 4: The Art of Negotiation
The ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill, and one which we use – or should use – frequently in our professional and personal lives. It is also a skill that we can develop and improve by understanding the processes involved. This workshop shows the intricacy of how to negotiate either internally within an organisation, or externally with customers and other companies etc. 
Session 5: Creating an Impression for Success 
Beauty, impression, success go hand in hand no doubt. As such, join our Image and Branding practitioner to create a renewed impression for success at work and home.
Session 6: Persuasive Communication with NLP
Want to convince others effortlessly? How to get others to see things your way? And how can you get others to value them and pick them up? 
Persuasive communication is more than just having strong arguments and counter criticism. This interactive workshop takes you through techniques to create more impact when communicating.


Every year, in the Secretary Conference for Administrative Excellence, we bring you a dynamic faculty of renowned experts and professional speakers. So let’s dive in to be inspired and transformed in ways you never expected!


Sri is a Corporate Trainer, Consultant, and Empowerment Coach & Speaker since 2005. As a soft skills trainer, she conducts a range of motivational and work improvement trainings to help participants achieve more productivity and positivity at work. In her 14 years or work and training experience, she has trained numerous industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, F&B, education, property, construction, medical, government agencies and information technology, to name a few. Her trainings are focused on creating a purposeful impact, flavoured with sensible humour whilst maintaining the element of fun and excitement throughout the programmes.

Beliau merupakan seorang kaunselor berdaftar yang berpengalaman luas dalam bidang kemasyarakatan, pendidikan keibubapaan, bidang motivasi kerjaya, kaunseling kerjaya, kaunseling keluarga dan perkahwinan serta bidang-bidang yang berkaitan dengan motivasi dan kaunseling. Beliau juga berpengalaman tinggi mengendalikan program/kursus berbentuk softskills seperti Kursus Kemahiran Kaunseling, Kursus Team Building, Kursus Pengurusan Stress dan Konflik, Kursus Pra Persaraan, Kursus Touching The Sky, Kursus Pasca Perkahwinan, Kursus Pembentukan Keluarga Sakinah, Kursus Keibubapaan cemerlang, Kursus Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), Kursus Lelaki Wanita & Kerjaya, Kursus Coaching & Mentoring, Kursus Komunikasi Berkesan dan Kursus Penyeliaan Berkesan.

Gordon is a former British Diplomat with over 25 years of experience working in a wide range of jobs, countries and regions of the world.  He has lived and worked in Malaysia since 2003, initially as Director of Trade & Investment at the British High Commission and, since 2007, as an English specialist, management & soft skills trainer, and freelance writer/editor/proofreader. In his career, Gordon has had extensive hands-on experience in producing reports and other business documents on a wide range of subjects.  He is also a specialist in teaching how to write effective, clear English.  In addition to technical report writing, Gordon also delivers courses on presentation and public speaking, negotiation, communication and motivation, and both general and business English.


Rina is a Certified Trainer HRDF, Certified Professional Image Consultant and an Internationally Certified Colour Consultant. She has been conducting training related to Professional Grooming, Business & Social Etiquette since 2011. Her clientele are private individual, professional associations, government agencies, universities and with major corporate players in the country. Her personal view, a good trainer needs to be motivated, possessed a good energy level and enthusiastic. Often it is hard to explain to people something that is very practical and visual. So, we have to mix demonstrating as well as verbal explanation.

Syahman comes with his unique Professional and Phenomenal Training experience of 10 years. His experience and expertise in training comes from his time in the financial industry which groomed him to become a phenomenal trainer he is now. His ability to handle numerous topics in sales and marketing, leadership, financial planning, talent management, human resource, motivation, office management, communication, team building and administration is his strength. His unique method in training is well received and recognised by his clients. To date he has trained more than 5000 people with his Phenomenal “Character and Personality” Methodology. He is known as a versatile and entertaining trainer as he believes entertaining training will enhance the result gained from each session.

Special Offer

Normal Fee Sign up 1 paxPay before course startsMYR 4,990/ USD 1,350

Early Bird Sign up 1 paxPay 14 days before course startsMYR 2,990/ USD 810

Group Fee (Hot Seat) Sign up 3 pax or morePay 14 days before course starts MYR 2,890/ USD 780

(Fee inclusive of Buffet Lunch, Refreshment, Welcome Pack, Training Materials & Certificate of Achievement)

iTrainingExpert reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainers.
Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. 
Certificates are distributed on the final day of the program.

Payment mode:

1. ONLINE PAYMENT  by Credit card:  You can opt to register and pay online with our latest payment integration system through our website.

Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat.
Courier your cheque payment to our Finance HQ.

*Note that we DO NOT take any payments during the event.

3. BANK IN CASH: You can also pay by cash through bank-in our company bank account.

4. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks.

Tel:+603 8074 9056 | +603 8082 3707
Mobile: +6012 6869 628 | +6018 2175 123
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.iTrainingExpert.com


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 16
No. of Participants: 60
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