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Professional Drone and UAV Pilot & Flying Training Course - HRDF Approved

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Sep 12, 2019
MYR  1,950.00


Learning to fly a commercial drone or UAV as a professional pilot is becoming more and more important within many industries and sectors. Understanding the ins-and-outs as well as being aware of the legal and regulatory issues can be complex, confusing, and intimidating. Our expert training classes take you through the complete process in an 8 hour introductory drone pilot training course designed to cover everything you need to know.

Without the use of simulators, we focus on the practical elements of learning hands on with an actual drone, through the use of expert instructors and drone operators. With our outdoor flight sessions and small class sizes, you can be confident in receiving a personal training session equipping you with the skills needed for your work or job role. Whether for film and photography, mapping, surveying or any other use, our course will fulfill your requirements and training needs.

Furthermore, we ensure that all critical areas of learning to operate a drone or UAV are covered from pre-flight checks to safely operating and landing. Contact us today to learn more about this training program.


Course Programme:

  • What can a UAV do?
  • Drone Regulations and Safety
  • Drone Platforms and Components
  • Understanding Flight Control
  • System Set Up - Connecting Your Drone
  • Understanding Your Flight Display
  • Pre Flight Checks
  • Preparing For Your First Flight
  • Take Off Techniques
  • Hovering and Throttle Control
  • Pitch and Roll Control
  • Mission Specific: Film, Inspection, and Mapping
  • Emergency Situations and Procedures
  • Autonomous Flight and Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Safely Landing
  • Industry Best Practice

Industries and Uses:

  • WConstruction companies
  • Utility companies
  • Media and broadcast industry
  • Conservation and nature
  • Land surveying, mapping and modeling
  • Inspections and repairs
  • Recreational and entertainment
  • Police, security and fire rescue services
  • Aerial photography


Jul 18, 2019
Thu 09:30 AM — 05:00 PM
Aug 22, 2019
Thu 09:30 AM — 05:00 PM
Sep 12, 2019
Thu 09:30 AM — 05:00 PM
No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 8
No. of Participants: 8
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Charles Mann Training and Consultancy provides high quality digital marketing and technology related training and consultancy services, ranging from bespoke training solutions to topic-specific workshops and seminars for all types of businesses. As a leading international provider of training courses in Malaysia and consultancy services, Charles Mann ensure the correct expertise and knowledge are presented in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

With over 15 years experience conducting a wide range of courses, seminars, workshops and direct consultations within the fields of ICT, Digital Media, Marketing and Branding, Effective Online Presence and Social Media Utilisation, Charles Mann has created for itself a reputation among clients located across a broad global spectrum covering the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Vietnam, Bhutan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Charles Mann has been operating and providing effective consultancy since 1996, the very formative period of mass take-up of the world wide web and online digital use by both commercial organisations as well as consumers. With its origins in the UK, Charles Mann has always been at the forefront of analysing and studying emerging technologies, and therefore passing on critical knowledge to small and medium sized businesses and organisations, equipping them with skills and understanding to further enhance their respective setups. ...
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