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Date: Monday to Sunday (Request for your preferred Date)

Time: 2.00 pm to 6.00pm 

Learn to cook Malaysian's Chinese Family Cuisine
This class is for local Malaysian's who hire maid/foreign kitchen helpers from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam etc on domestic house chores which includes cooking local daily dishes.
  • All Classes are fully individual hands-on, unless otherwise stated.  
  • Use common ingredients, mostly available in supermarket.
  • Price exclude all the ingredients needed for the course.
  • Request for your preferred dish (up to 5 dishes max).
  • Class is private and personal, ensuring your maid is equipped with the basic cooking skills.
  • Welcome Maid Agency inquiries. 


  1. Know the Ingredients
    • Sourcing from Wet Market / Supermarket
    • Understand naming of each Ingredients (Translated)
    • Ingredients to take note
    • Types of Ingredients
    • Storage of Ingredients
  2. Veggies
    • Char Chye (Sauteed Veggies in Oyster Sauce)
    • Char Chap Chye (Nyonya's Mixed Veggies with Tang Hoon)
    • Kangkung Belacan
  3. Chicken
    • Braised Herbal Chicken
    • Fried Belacan Chicken
    • Steam Chicken
    • Kapitan Curry Chicken
  4. Fish
    • Steam Fish in Sour Style/Normal Style
    • Portuguese Grill Fish
    • Fish & Chips
  5. Soup
    • ABC Soup (Vegetable with Chicken Soup)
    • Salted Fish with Tofu Soup
    • Chai Boey / Kiam Chai Ark
    • Fish Maw Soup
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Cooking with Chef Samuel initially started to promote local Malaysian cooking, and to instill appreciation for the food we all cityseekers take granted for.

Chef Samuel is a home-grown Malaysian, with expertise on western and local cuisine.

Apart from our core business to provide experience for travellers all around the world, we wish to help alleviate the locals on operating a small hawker business on their own by providing the skills they need in terms of culinary and system as well as families who need a foreign kitchen helper to know a handful of local recipes to start with.

Chef Samuel Cooking Class
61A-38-8, Shineville Park, Solok Thean Teik 1, 11400 Pulau Pinang, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia 11400
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