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Group classes every Monday and Thursday 7pm to 8.30pm. Do not hesitate to contact us, we also propose private classes and workshop. 
School of Pencak Silat Self-Defense
offers you to learn a modern Pencak Silat style adapted to our 21st century, with a realistic, instinctive and very efficient self-defense method based on modern and urban lifestyle, real scenarios and threats.
We offer group classes, workshops, seminars as well as private lessons and specific modules for women, kids, and security professionals.
You will learn and practice Seni Rahasia Alam, which means "Secret Art of Nature".
The practitioner trains to develop his reflexes, his mindset and builds an instinctive self-defense method.
The self-defense part, Beladiri, does not hesitate to combine, with the traditional techniques of Pencak Silat, the most efficient techniques of various defense and martial arts systems like Silat, Krav-Maga, Close Combat, Jiu Jitsu, free fight, Muay Thai, Aikido…
The artistic part, Seni Budaya, is practiced by traditional movements executed with fluidity and symbolism. These movements are codified through seven langkahs and seven belts of different colors, the basis of the artistic part teaching.
The athletic part, Olah Raga, build stronger the parts of the body considered as a weapon and also the shield parts of the body, which can counter an attack and withstand a harmless strike in order to counterattack.
Do not worry, our method is progressive, each participant controls the intensity of his training. The goal is to strengthen and not to get hurt. Our training is accessible to all without sports or martial experiences.
We train the explosiveness and rapidity of the movements but also flexibility, control of displacements and power.
It’s why you will also learn traditional breathing-related movements for warming up and stretching, a kind of “Silat yoga” traditionally used for meditation, body and mind health, source of flexibility, power, concentration and sensitivity.
You will learn how to avoid aggression, to improve your reflexes and to escape without injury.
We adapt our training on a 21st century urban lifestyle and we train you to face realistic threats with success.
Seni Rahasia Alam has been developed as a practical and realistic Pencak Silat self-defense system that is perfectly adapted to our urban lifestyle and to the risks we might face.
We prepares you to protect yourself and your family through several real life based scenarios and modules.
Our system offer to acquire simple, realistic and effective reflexes of defenses against common situations of aggressions.
You will learn :
How to take the initiative of the attack to escape
How to escape from Locks situations (wrist hold, hair, belt of arms ...)
How to escape from strangulation situations
How to defend yourself against punch, slaps, elbows ...
How to defend yourself against kick, tibia, knees ...
How to defend yourself on the ground
How to defend yourself against knives
How to defend yourself against long weapons (stick, machete ...)
How to defend yourself using everyday objects (pen, phone, magazine ....)
How to defend yourself in less common situations (in a sitting position, against multiple attackers, against a firearm, to protect someone ...)
By taking the best out of highly explosive disciplines, combining with the most effective techniques of Pencak Silat and mixing it with mental and physical conditioning and traditional respiratory practices.
The choice to only keep the most efficient and simple techniques for the self-defense part of Seni Rahasia Alam naturally comes from the fact that in real situations, stress, adrenaline and various factors tend to reduce our choices and options.
Meant to be used in real life situations, "No rules, one goal" !
Realistic Self-Defense system has no choice but to largely develop awareness and assertiveness of its practitioners and therefore pre-conflict and post-conflict management are important parts of the program.
Seni Rahasia Alam simultaneously prepares you both mentally and physically.
Seni Rahasia Alam structure the content of the system in a way that would make it easy to learn and to remember.
Our system is progressive, logical, permanently adapted to real life and as instinctive as possible.
More than just a set of techniques, Seni Rahasia Alam offers a specific learning method that will simultaneously boost both your mental as physical aptitude.
Seni Rahasia Alam is a pencak silat self-defense system with a modern, realistic, instinctive and very efficient self-defense method perfectly adapted to our 21st century urban lifestyle and accessible to all regardless of age or sex. The artistic part is more traditional and fully contributes to the efficiency of the whole system.


Sep 02, 2019 - Jul 02, 2020
Mon 07:00 PM — 08:30 PM
Thu 07:00 PM — 08:30 PM
No. of Days: 8
Total Hours: 12
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Our Trainer has been practicing martial arts for over 35 years, jujitsu, boxing, close combat, free figthing, Pencak Silat, Aikido, Krav Maga, MMA, Savate, Muay Thai, Self Defense .... He was National champion of Boxing, Free Fight Competitor, Pencak Silat Master's Degree in Indonesia and Malaysia and Self Defense Instructor. He brought together all his technical knowledge in the martial arts combat sports and his concrete professional experience in security to create a modern and highly efficient Pencak silat system focused on realistic and effective self defense method which aims to develop the fighting nature of each practitioner and his reflexes of defense. Internationally recognized in the world of martial arts and self defense, he has trained several individuals and groups, professional and non-professional.
School of Pencak Silat Self-Defense
LFKL 34 jalan Dutamas Raya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia 52200
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