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Export Development for SMEs

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Ended last Nov 14, 2019
MYR  1,800.00


With the rapid rate of globalization, Malaysian companies especially SMEs are increasingly facing intense competition from both domestic and foreign companies in their businesses. Whether they are solely involved in the domestic market or are already present overseas, with increasing regional economic integration brought about by the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), more open market conditions and freer trade due to Foreign Trade Arrangements like FTAs, Malaysian companies will need to prepare themselves to compete in the regional and international marketplace or risk being overtaken by more internationally – competitive rivals.
SMEs will need to equip themselves with qualified expertise, skills and knowledge in international trade and marketing to enable them to take advantage of the opportunities available through globalization, regional integration and free trade arrangements and to be able to compete effectively in the global marketplace.
The 2-day Export Development Programme is specially designed to meet the requirements of companies especially SMEs in developing their in-house expertise, skills and knowledge in international trade and marketing. It aims to equip SMEs with export skills and competence and to gain a good understanding of the global trade environment to enable them to expand their business to new overseas markets.
The recently launched ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for SME Development 2016-2025 has the Vision to create “Globally Competitive and Innovative SMEs” which will include the goal of enhancing market access and internationalization. The Export Development Programme will contribute to achieving this objective by equipping Malaysian SMEs to meet the challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the AEC and globalization.

Workshop Learning Objectives

To provide a quick introduction and training to SMEs who are interested to venture into global markets or who are already involved in international trade :

To understand the fundamentals of international trade including the nature and structure  of the global marketplace, globalization, regional integration and free trade arrangements
To learn and equip themselves with the knowledge, skills, expertise and export marketing tools to undertake successful international trade /export
To understand international market research, market selection and export planning
To be able to source for potential overseas buyers/partners and formulate effective international market entry strategies
To develop and adapt their products and services to meet the requirements of international markets
To be able to manage international trade and business development effectively
To understand international commercial terms, logistics and transport requirements for global trade


Module 1 : International Trade & Export Fundamentals


Introduction to international trade and export
Preparing to undertake export and international business development
Identify skills, information and infrastructure needed to venture into overseas markets.

Topics covered:

Myths & Benefits of Exporting
Risks of Exporting and how to mitigate them
How do companies prepare for export
Overview of Malaysia’s Trade Structure and Performance
Globalization & International Trading Structure – WTO, Regional Groupings, FTA,  etc
Trade Barriers
Settlement of Trade Disputes
ASEAN Economic Community and its implications for Malaysian companies
Intellectual Property (IP) rights and protection
Making use of Government /MATRADE facilities & grants

Module 2:  Overseas Market Selection, Marketing Research & Planning


Introduction to Export Market & Marketing Research and Planning
Collating information on foreign markets using available tools and sources
Conducting research into selected overseas markets for exports
Identifying potential importers/buyers/suppliers in foreign markets
Preparation of an overall Export Plan

Topics Covered:

What is Marketing Research?
Benefits of Market & Marketing Research
Process of Export Market Research
Primary and Secondary Data
Trade Statistics – sources, classification, collection and analysis
Sources of market information
Factors in selecting a foreign market for your products/services
PESTLE Analysis & Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Out –sourcing market research
Identifying potential overseas importers
Case studies

Module 3:  International  Market Entry Strategies


Understand the different strategies/approaches to entering the international markets for trade and business development
Analyzing the benefits and risks of each strategy/approach and  which is the best for your company
Planning and implementing the selected market entry strategy

Topics Covered:

Contractual Agreements
Turnkey Projects
Contract Manufacturing
Management Contracting
Strategic Alliances
Joint Ventures
Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Exit Strategy
Group Exercise


Tham Sing Kow

has over 38 years of experience in international trade, export promotion and marketing, international business development, industrial development, investment promotion, technology transfer and licensing arrangements, public relations & communications, branding, public affairs, overseas customer relationship management, alliance building and sustainability and environmental issues. He also has a proven track record in setting up overseas trade representative offices and development of trade and industrial relations with overseas markets, including emerging markets
In addition, Tham has a good understanding of sustainability, social and environmental issues impacting international business and trade. He also has  an in-depth  personal experience of living and working under different  economic, political and social systems ( socialist/communist, centrally planned economy, military dominated and capitalist) and a good understanding of different cultural and business practices. He has worked in and travelled to many countries throughout Latin America & the Caribbean, Western & Eastern Europe, CIS, North America and Asia/ASEAN.
Tham served in various capacities in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), including 10 years abroad as Malaysian Trade Commissioner to Moscow (USSR), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Caracas (Venezuela). As Trade Commissioner, Tham assisted Malaysian companies to export their products to the countries under his coverage and promoted business relations between Malaysia and the countries concerned. At MITI Headquarters, he served as the Principal Asst. Director in the International Trade Division and the Industries Division.
After leaving MITI, Tham worked as the European Director of the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) in London, UK for 12 years covering the promotion and marketing of Malaysian timber and timber products to the European market, including public relations and communications, and related environmental/sustainability issues. Later he served as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer  of the Malaysian Timber Council.

Special Offer

Early Bird Discount RM4,000 for 3 pax.


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 10
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