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The Sales Champion Mindset And Attitude

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Ended last Dec 10, 2019
MYR  2,400.00


It is an undeniable fact that sales skills have to be complemented by the right sales mindset.  It is a natural progression and an essential development of a Sales Professional.  How often have organizations focused on intensive sales skills training and have neglected “mind training” for its sales staff.  In the Sales 2.0 economy, success lies in the sales professional’s ability to think.
The Sales Champion Mindset workshop focuses on the development of the mind of the Sales Professional.  To develop and train the mind to have a razor-sharp focus and structured thinking skills.  This workshop will change the way you think about sales.  It will guide the new, transform the old and elevate the performer to Sales Champion leagues.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Aligning your thought pattern to be sales focused;
Leverage on our in-built Mind Power to achieve success;
Steps and actions that need to be taken to achieve Sales Champion status;
Create an entrepreneurial mode of execution;
Develop a positive mindset and outlook in sales life;
Develop the mind to produce positive thoughts;
Plan a concrete success-building plan;
Discover why your thinking power is more important than mere intelligence.


Module 1: Understanding the Sales Champion Mindset

Uncovering How the Sales Champion’s Mindset Works
10 Reasons Why the Sales Champion Mindset Will Triumph Every Time
How is My Mindset? – The Sales Champion Checklist

Module 2: The Entrepreneurial Edge

The Main Component of a Sales Champion’s Success – The Entrepreneur Aptitude and Attitude
The 5 Key Entrepreneur Relationship Links: Passion, Strategy, Capability, Customers and Resources
“Are you hungry for success?” – Discovering and Recognizing your Compelling Reason

Module 3: Develop SMART Targets and Action Plans for Sales Success

Developing Personal Objectives, Goals and Targets
Develop Action Plans, Measurable Achievements & Time-line
Making Commitments and Seeking Accountability Partners

Module 4:  Turning Defeat Into Victory and Looking Ahead

Understanding that Persistency and Consistency Pays
Approaches to Turning Defeat into Victory
Developing a Personal and Professional Strategic Focus and Personal Development Plan in Life


Exercise: Developing your own entrepreneurial business plan and assessing it with the entrepreneurial checklist.


Ken Ng

Ken serves as Principal Consultant and Chief Master Trainer for The ATCEN Group – the People Development expert. He is a Certified Professional Speaker, Certified Support Manager from Service & Sales Support Professional Association of America, Certified Master Trainer from Western Kentucky University, Certified Master Key Account Manager and holds a BSc in Marketing and Organizational Communication. Ken has been in the forefront of the Asian customer interaction management and sales industry since the mid-90’s and is better known as “Service
Sifu” and the “Ultimate Sales Dragon” to his peers, colleagues, partners and customers.
With more than 25 years of both strategic and operational sales and customer interaction experience, Ken is an author of numerous articles distributed internationally and has conducted in-depth research and studies on sales, marketing, contact centers and Customer Experience in Asia Pacific.  Dynamic and energetic, he is a much sought after speaker and has been involved in providing strategic directions for the Asian sales, marketing and customer contact management industry through summits, congresses, conferences and knowledge sharing tradeshows. He is nominated by the Customer Relationship Management & Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CRM & CCAM) as one of the notable judges in the highly recognized CRM & CCAM Annual Awards in various categories.
His expertise has led to consulting and performance enhancement engagements regionally with Multi-national Companies, Large Local Conglomerates and Government Linked Companies where he focuses on the mission critical aspects of sales, marketing and customer interaction; Customer Experience Strategy Mapping, Strategic Sales and Service Blueprint design, Human Capital Recruitment & Development, Sales & Marketing Framework, Sales Motivation & Teamwork, Branding, Business Development, Key Account Management, Business Process Improvement, Performance Management implementation and Contact Center Management.
Ken first became involved with sales and Service in the mid-80’s while he was still in America. Since then, he has held a variety of leadership, management and operational roles in sales, service, marketing, collections for major sales and service operations.  Ken is also a pioneer/owner of the first premier cyber cafe chain in Malaysia and has held key positions in many organizations such as CEO of an Experiential Learning Company, CEO of a Leadership Development Company, Senior Consultant with the largest Business Process Outsourcing organization in Asia, Head of Technical Support for the Nokia Care Line responsible for supporting the South East Asia and Asia Pacific region, Marketing Consultant for Microsoft Malaysia’s MSN portal, Sales and Marketing Strategist for the Kirby Company, USA to Manager of University Service Delivery of Oklahoma University.

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Early Bird Discount RM5,500 for 3 pax


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 10
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ATCEN aspires to be Asia’s People and Capacity Development Partner. We believe all individuals can contribute to the betterment of self, the organization and the community. Having played an active role in developing high performance in the human capital of large, medium and small organizations in the Asia Pacific Region, we continue to strive to deliver measurable change in our services.

Established since 2003, we have garnered extensive experience in delivering business training, business events and capacity building engagements for professionals and businesses worldwide.

In our customers’ eyes, ATCEN represents Accountable, Partnering, Integrity and Customer Centric. The ATCEN Team delivers exceptional quality services by empowering our people to fulfil our purpose and mission to develop people and build sustainable capabilities in organizations.

ATCEN’s Affiliations and Partners:

  • Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB/ HRDF): ATCEN is a Class “A” training provider for PSMB (HRDF) and a 5 Star Rated Training Provider.
  • Ministry of Finance: Registered for training, course/seminar and education management.
  • Western Kentucky University (WKU, USA): ATCEN is a WKU Asia partner, offering their certification programs for the Asian community. ...
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