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The perioperative nursing program aims to equip Registered Nurses with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to work safely and effectively in the perioperative setting.

(N/723/3/0159) : MQA/PA 8293 (06/22)

Program Outcomes:

This program aims to prepare nurses who are:

  • Competent to intergrate theory, principles and concepts into perioperative  nursing practice.
  • Efficient in provinding continuous, integrated care in perioperative  assessment, intraoperative intervention, and postoperative evaluation of surgical patients.
  • Skillful in participating effectively as a team member to support surgical patients’ achievements of their expected outcomes.


Program Structure:

This program consists of theoretical input and clinical practice in perioperative nursing.


Programme Outline:

  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology
  • Principles of Asepsis, Infection Control and Techniques of Sterilization
  • Principles of Instrumentation, Sutures, and Needles Related to Wound Healing
  • Operation Methods and Technologies
  • Anesthesia Agents, Anesthesia Methods, and Nursing Implications
  • Legal-Ethical Implications, Risk Management in Perioperative Environment
  • Patient Care in the Pre, Intra, and Post-Operative Settings
  • Nursing Practicum



  • Six (6) months full time program


Language Used for Delivery:

  • English


Programme Delivery:

  • Lectures
  • Demonstration
  • Tutorial
  • Problem-based Learning
  • Clinical in Skill Lab
  • Clinical Experience


Entry requirements:

  • Diploma/ Degre in Nursing
  • Registered with Nursing Board Malaysia (NBM) or its equivalent
  • Possess Current Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)
  • Minimum Two (2) Years Clinical Working Experience
  • Possess at Least Three (3) Months Experience in the Related Speciality



  • Post Basic Certificate in Perioperative


Approval Body for the Commencement of the Programme:

  • Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)
  • Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)
  • Nursing Board Malaysia (NBM)
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In today’s rapidly changing world, medical and healthcare services are becoming more complex. The role of a healthcare professional is being redefined and expanded to include more managerial and administrative responsibilities. When deciding on a school or program, you want a college that meets the challenges of the times.

Oriental Nilam College of Nursing and Health Sciences is a specialised institution dedicated to provide affordable and quality education in the field of health sciences. We are committed to produce competent professionals conversant in all aspects of nursing and healthcare work.

As we move towards the brand new year of 2016, we have relocated our operations and campus to a brand new site where more opportunities for expansion can be explored. Our mission is to provide quality education and training to prepare our graduates for life and work, equipping them to contribute to the healthcare, economic and social development of Malaysia and beyond. The new campus grounds provides the ideal environment to achieve that and we are focused on ensuring that students get the right inspiration and motivation to excel in their studies and enhance their knowledge. ...

Nilam Healthcare Education Sdn Bhd
Pusat Perubatan Klebang, Klebang, Malaysia 75200
06 - 334 0008
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