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Certificate of Completion awarded by Western Kentucky University (USA).

Over recent years, automation has created more jobs than it has destroyed. Of the 800,000 or so new jobs created between 1990 and 2013, some 200,000 can be attributed solely to automation. And in future years, automation is likely to continue to transform occupational roles and the Contact Center is not exempted from this shift.
The Contact Centre agents’ competencies have always been evolving and in the latest iteration of skills evolution, it has morphed from voice and email to a more written customer interaction role. With this evolution of the Contact Centre agent, competency requirements have shifted and can be divided into different areas: Cognitive ability and Customer Service Delivery are the top competencies with Social Intelligence and ICT Knowledge and Skills wrapping up the other competencies in the AI/digital driven age.
Technology has established itself as the communications channel of choice for customers and clients. They are using more of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to reach out to organizations for support and product information through Web Chat. This program is designed to equip the front-liners of correspondence and Social Media teams to respond to messages coming through social media channels and emails with a higher level of professionalism and CX.
Designed for individuals who are already comfortable in writing, this practical program delves into developing the What’s and How’s of a Contact Centre for the Digital Edge. The ultimate objective of this certification program is to elevate knowledge and skills to increase productivity, efficiency and stellar CX delivery.


Module 1: Understanding Customer Experience (CX) in the Digital Economy/ Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0)

Understanding the Fundamentals of the Digital Economy and Evolution of Customer Service to CX
The Defining Changes of CX in the Digital Economy
Recognizing the Building Blocks of Customer Satisfaction, Value & Retention in the Digital Economy
Winning Customers by Understanding Digital Service Experience Requirements

Module 2: Customer Support in IR4.0

The Advent of Omni Channel Support in a Customer Support Centre
Multimedia Routing for Effective Interaction Management
Text Chat
Fax, Mail
Web Call
Routing Support for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Module 3: Online Chat vs. Other Support Channels

How Does Using Chat Compare to Other Support Channels
Why Will Site Visitors Choose Chat Over Calling?
What are the Benefits of Using the Chat System?
What are/Will be the Common Requests and Questions Asked – FAQ Development
Response and KPIs – A Best Practice Comparison

Module 4: Customer Communication Foundation – The Style Guide

Understanding the Corporate Brand Character and Consistency
Establishing the Brand Character Voice
Outlining the Corporate Brand Voice
Writing Styles and Approaches to Reflect your Brand

Module 5: What to Say and What Not to Say

What Words and Phrases are Acceptable to Use in Chat?
Making Sure Your Message Isn’t Taken Out of Context
Case Studies to Review

Module 6: Canned Responses

What are Canned Responses and When to Use Them
What are The Benefits and Downsides of Canned Responses?
Agreeing to a Set of Canned Responses for Your Role/Department/Business

Module 7: Writing the Right Style – Professional vs. Individual

The 7 Cs of Writing Guide
Keeping It Simple and Sociable (The New KISS)
Inform, Request and Persuade Formats
Delivering Good and Bad News
Positive Service Language

Module 8: Writing & Polishing Service Writing

Developing and Using Standard Templates with Character
Creating Non – Robotic Responses for Engaging Customer Interaction
Proofreading and Editing to Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes

Module 9: Best Practice for Customer Support

Social Media Crisis and Disaster Management – Negative Viral, False Information, Incidents, Current Issues and Trolling
Persuasive and Engaging Language in Interactions
Using the BAHLOT Method of Managing Challenging Correspondence
Techniques to Handle Different Kinds of Customers – The Know-It-All, Political Commenter, Grammar Nazi, Complainer, Religious Commenter
Emoticons, Gif and Stickers usage
Abbreviation and Short Form Usage
Handling More Than One Chat Session at a Time

Module 10: Challenges of Customer Interaction Responses

Managing Challenging and Provocative Issues
Managing Challenging People and Complaints
Good Recovery of Difficult People and Postersm Samples – Industry Best Practices4


Ken Ng

Ken serves as Principal Consultant for The ATCEN Group – the People Development expert. He is a Certified Professional Speaker, Certified Support Manager from Service Support Professionals Association of America, Certified Trainer from Western Kentucky University, USA and holds a BSc in Marketing and Organizational Communication. Ken has been in the forefront of the Asian sales and customer interaction management industry since the mid-90’s and is better known as the “Sifu” to his peers, colleagues, partners and customers.
With more than 25 years of both strategic and operational service, sales and customer interaction experience, Ken is an author of numerous articles distributed internationally and has conducted in-depth research and studies on service, sales, marketing, contact centers and the customer experience in Asia Pacific.  Dynamic and energetic, he is a much sought after speaker and has been involved in providing strategic directions for the Asian service, sales, marketing and customer contact management industry through summits, congresses, conferences and knowledge sharing tradeshows. He is nominated by the Customer Relationship Management & Contact Center Association of Malaysia (CRM & CCAM) as one of the notable judges in the highly recognized CRM & CCAM Annual Awards in the individual and operations categories since 2005.
His expertise has led to consulting and performance enhancement engagements regionally with Multi-national Companies, Large Local Conglomerates and Government Linked Companies, where he focuses on the mission critical aspects of Contact Center service, sales, marketing and customer interaction Strategic Sales and Service Blueprint design, Turnkey Contact Center projects, Human Capital Recruitment & Development, Service, Sales & Marketing Framework, People Motivation & Teamwork, Business Development, Key Account Servicing, Business Process Rejuvenation, Performance Management implementation and Contact Center Management.
Ken first became involved with Contact Centers and customer interaction in the mid-80’s while he was still in America. Since then, he has held a variety of leadership, management and operational roles in service, sales, marketing and collections for major service and sales operations.  Ken is also a pioneer/owner of the first premier cyber cafe chain in Malaysia and has held key positions in many organizations such as Senior Consultant with the largest Business Process Outsourcing organization in Asia, Head of Technical Support for the Nokia Care Line responsible for supporting the South East Asia and Asia Pacific region, Contact Center and Marketing Consultant for Microsoft Malaysia to Sales and Marketing Strategist for the Kirby Company, USA and many more.

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No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 10
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