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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Public Training

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The Green Belt Course is designed to improve process performance, deliver medium to high impact  projects and achieve significant cost savings.

Six Sigma Green Belt is designed so that people acquire the special skills and knowledge required before leading or taking part in any continuous  improvement project.

Green Belts will effectively use the Six Sigma tools in their organization, with customers and suppliers for achieving business improvement results.

Green Belts will gain thorough understanding of all aspects of the DMAIC model in accordance with Six Sigma principles.

Green Belts will gain knowledge of Lean enterprise concepts and will be able to identify non-value-added elements and activities.



¨ Introduction & Overview of Six Sigma

¨ Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)

¨ Drill Down Tree & Pareto Chart

¨ Project Charter Development

¨ Teams & Stakeholder Analysis

¨ Voice of Customers (VOC) & Kano Model

¨ SIPOC & Basic Process Mapping

¨ Financial Analysis and Cost Savings

¨ Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Tools

¨ Operational Definition

¨ Data Collection Plan

¨ Basic Statistics and Sampling Techniques

¨ Capability Analysis and Sigma Value

¨ Graphical & Value Analysis

¨ Detailed Process Mapping

¨ Fishbone Diagram

¨ Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)


¨ Hypothesis Testing

° Type 1 & Type 2 error

° One way ANOVA

° Degree of Freedom

° General Linear Model (GLM)

° Power and Sample Size

° Test of Equal Variance (TOEV) Tables

° 1 Sample t-Test

° 1 Proportion Test

° 2 Sample t-Test

° 2 Proportion Test

° Paired t-Test

° Chi-Square Test

¨ Statistical Root Cause Analysis

¨ Advanced Graphical Analysis

° Sigma Value / Z-Bench

° Graphical Tools for Statistics

° Pareto Charts

° Run Charts

° Dot Plots

° Scatter Plots

° Matrix Plots

° Histograms
° Time Series Plots
¨ Regression Analysis

° Correlation Analysis

° Multiple Regression

° Simple Linear Regression

° Best Subset Regression

¨ Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

¨ Summarising Potential Factors and Potential Solutions


¨ Generating Improvement Ideas

¨ Evaluating & Selecting Best Solutions

¨ Solution & Training Implementation Plan          

¨ Develop & Execute Pilot Plan

¨ Lean Concepts and Error Proofing / Kaizen

¨ Cost & Benefit Analysis (ROI)

¨ Process Control Plan

¨ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

¨ Statistical Process Control (SPC)

¨ Best Practice and Replication Opportunities

¨ Process Ownership and Dashboards


Dr. Satnam Singh—Experienced LSS Deployment in Europe and India

Dr. Satnam Singh graduated from Liverpool John Moores University (UK) with a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then furthered his studies at Coventry University in UK and was awarded with a Masters Degree of Science in Engineering and Manufacturing Management. Dr. Satnam then continued to study for his doctorate and was awarded with a PhD in Engineering and Manufacturing Management.

Dr. Satnam has been actively involved in the field of Continual Improvement activities since the beginning of his tertiary education. While accomplishing his Master Degree in the United Kingdom, he had been extensively trained for Lean Systems and Six Sigma whilst working as a Project Manager for a Multi National Corporation (MNC) in the UK for 14 years. During his stay with the MNC in the UK, Dr. Satnam was tasked with the responsibility of promoting and implementing Lean and Six-Sigma within the Organization and throughout Europe. Due to his extensive exposure in Lean and Six-Sigma Management Systems, he was invited by the company’s European Subsidiaries to conduct in-house training, project consultations and strategic planning in the area of Six-Sigma implementation. Dr.Satnam known as a Visiting Lecturer in Infosys INDIA.
Mr. Harbans —Experienced LSS Deployment in Samsung & Asia Pacific

Mr. Harbans Singh, is a graduate of University of East London and holds a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Information Technology majoring in Software Engineering. He is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt trained by Juran Institute (USA & Korea) under the supervision of Samsung Electronics Asia Pacific.

Mr. Harbans has gained over 12 years of working experience both in manufacturing and service. Mr. Harbans has an extensive experience in performing statistical analysis by using statistical software (MINITAB) and various quality tools. Harbans is also involved in Innovating Supplier processes using QDC (Quality, Delivery & Cost) improvement and Improving Supplier Processes by utilising OEE and Lean concepts. Harbans major achievements would include the development of Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma Black Belts within Samsung Electronics Asia Pacific Region. Furthermore Harbans mentored Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt projects that contributed to total cost savings about USD$ 15 million during the past 6 years. Harbans also has an extensive experience in developing and conducting Six Sigma Champions Training, Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt training programs for Private Companies, major Government Linked Companies (GLCs) in Malaysia and many other Government Agencies.

Dr. Muraliraj — Expert in Lean Six Sigma, Process Improvements and Lean Enterprise Solutions

Dr. Muraliraj is a Master holder in Economics (Macroeconomic Policy Formulation) from University of Malaya, Malaysia. He continued to study for his doctorate and was awarded with a PhD in Quality & Operations Management, Lean and Six Sigma.

Specialised in process mapping, optimization, cost reductions, deploying process excellence strategies, Dr. Muraliraj has been involved in process excellence projects, performance improvements, and change management in shipping, oil and gas, engineering and IT industries for more than 5 years.

His most recent success is in the initiation of Lean and Six Sigma in a PETRONAS in-house engineering service provision company, where he trained and coached 26 executives in 13 branches of the company in training and awareness alongside improvement opportunity identification in each branch.
Mr. Mohammad Faisal Abdul Hamid — Expert in Lean Six Sigma
Specialized in Manufacturing, Process Improvements

Mr. Faisal graduated from University Technology of Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia with Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and later pursued his Masters in Business Administration at University Utara Malaysia.

He started his career as an engineer in a renowned MNC and was later enrolled in Six Sigma and Lean as a practitioner and was selected as a trainer. His role as senior staff allow him to work with front line and middle management. While working as a coordinator in Innovation Team, he was liaising with top management such as Factory Managers and Directors and had contributed to establishing company strategies toward achieving the mission & vision.

While enduring his career as continuous improvement specialist he was extensively involved in process improvement initiatives, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. He has profound experience in manufacturing, engineering, and training.

Ms. Prashena Nair — Experienced LSS Deployment, Business and Transactional Process

Ms. Prashena Nair is a graduate from University Malaya and holds a Master Degree in English Language Education. She is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt professional, facilitating in the use of lean and six sigma tools in business and transactional process to achieve tangible results.

Results-oriented with 5 years of notable performance, Prashena has been constantly referred to as a mentor from the top management & board of directors for immediate results with the capability & efficiency of achieving profit earlier than committed during the Oil & Gas projects.

Prashena has been coordinating regional projects includes improvising manufacturing and technical processes to develop six sigma processes to serve the clients demands and requirements, providing the clients with process based solutions, to offer defect-free, and improved quality functions, serving the clients with the industry's best practices and processes to satisfy their process requirements, implementing highly advanced functions and applications, to minimize downtime losses and elimination of defects to improve quality and assisting the clients to achieve the break through results, and to help them achieve industry benchmarks.
Mr. Zil Kamal Mokhtar – Experienced LSS Deployment in GE Aviation & Collins Aerospace

Mr. Zil Kamal graduated from Imperial College of London with Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering. He started his career as an engineer in Malaysia Airlines and later in GE Aviation and Collins Aerospace. He was awarded Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by GE Corporate as recognition to his demonstrated in-depth knowledge and proficiency in Lean Six Sigma methodology and successful completion of multiple high impact business projects in aircraft engine MRO and component repair plant.

He was also awarded Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) certification by Collins Aerospace in recognizing his effort and knowledge in increasing productivity and improving quality in aircraft component manufacturing. During his career in the Top 100 Fortune companies, he was exposed to ‘Work Out’ program that laid the foundation of successful Six Sigma program and culture. He was actively involved in process improvement activities, customer centric initiatives and quality improvement program.

Special Offer

We also conduct IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification)  and CSSC (Council for Six Sigma Certification) examinations.

Interested in seeing a more detailed version of what's New in Minitab 18. Contact us for more information on our Minitab training programme now

We are an accredited member of International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) and certified provider by The Council for Six Sigma Certification (SSC)


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Our Mission: “To help our customers design strategies, approaches and breakthrough processes through the execution of Lean, Six Sigma and Quality Methodology, and thus turn the customer’s organization into a leader in its field”

Our Vision: “To be known as an innovative and creative centre for delivering effective Business Process Improvement training courses and consultancy services.”

MBizM Sdn. Bhd. (MBizM™) offers a range of Six Sigma, Lean, Quality and Soft Skills, Training and Consultancy Programmes. MBizM™ was founded to improve the competitive position of its customers by promoting the implementation of Business Process Improvement Methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean whilst equipping the participants with a range of quality management tools and soft skills. MBizM™ is a young and dynamic company where the company was founded by individuals that were actively involved in a wide range of projects in organizations mainly from the industrial, services and public sectors.

MBizM™ provides expertise in practical tools, techniques and methodologies for attaining and maintaining competitive position and quality leadership. We know how to provide tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs while delivering world-class services in areas of Lean Six Sigma. Our trainers have decades of experience in delivering these courses to various industries in Malaysia and Overseas. Courses are delivered by certified consultants who have spent years in the industry, solving real-life problems in organizations. Our courses are designed to be dynamic. They are combined with theory, lectures, case studies, exercises, games and workshops. ...

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