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This online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification prepares you to lead and execute Lean Six Sigma projects, perform the analysis associated with Lean Six Sigma projects, and use the D.M.A.I.C to successfully solve problems.

Lean Sigma Corporation’s Green Belt certification is a complete online training that can be navigated at your own pace. The Green Belt certification is comprised of professionally narrated eLearning modules, interactive quizzes throughout lessons, D.M.A.I.C Phase chapter tests, and a final certification exam. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Course Access for all programmes is 12 months from date of registration.



1.1 Overview of Six Sigma

1.1.1 What is Six Sigma?
1.1.2 Six Sigma History
1.1.3 Six Sigma Approach
1.1.4 Six Sigma Methodology
1.1.5 Roles & Responsibilities

1.2 Fundamentals of Six Sigma

1.2.1 Defining a Process
1.2.2 VOC & CTQ’s
1.2.3 QFD
1.2.4 Cost of Poor Quality
1.2.5 Pareto Chart & Analysis

1.3 Lean Six Sigma Projects

1.3.1 Six Sigma Metrics
1.3.2 Business Case & Charter
1.3.3 Six Sigma Metrics
1.3.4 Project Team Selection
1.3.5 Project Risk Management
1.3.6 Project Planning


2.1 Process Definition

2.1.1 Cause & Effect Diagrams
2.1.2 Cause & Effect Matrix
2.1.3 Process Mapping
2.1.4 FMEA
2.1.5 Theory of Constraints

2.2 Six Sigma Statistics

2.2.1 Basic Statistics
2.2.2 Descriptive Statistics
2.2.3 Distributions & Normality
2.2.4 Graphical Analysis

2.3 Measurement Systems

2.3.1 Precision & Accuracy
2.3.2 Bias, Linearity, Stability
2.3.3 Gage R & R
2.3.4 Variable MSA
2.3.5 Attribute MSA

2.4 Process Capability

2.4.1 Capability Analysis
2.4.2 Concept of Stability
2.4.3 Attribute Capability
2.4.4 Monitoring Techniques


3.1 Inferential Statistics

3.1.1 Understanding Inference
3.1.2 Sampling Techniques
3.1.3 Sample Size
3.1.4 Central Limit Theorem

3.2 Hypothesis Testing

3.2.1 Goals of Hypothesis Tests
3.2.2 Statistical Significance
3.2.3 Risk: Alpha & Beta
3.2.4 Types of Hypothesis Tests

3.3 Hypothesis Tests: Normal

3.3.1 1 Sample t-test
3.3.2 2 Sample t-test
3.3.3 1 Sample Variance
3.3.4 One Way ANOVA
3.3.5 Test of Equal Variance
3.3.6 Normality Tests
3.3.7 Sample Size Calcs

3.4 Hypo Tests: Non-Normal

3.4.1 Mann-Whitney
3.4.2 Kruskal-Wallis
3.4.3 Mood’s Median
3.4.4 Friedman
3.4.5 1 Sample Sign


4.1 Simple Linear Regression

4.1.1 Correlation
4.1.2 XY Diagram
4.1.3 Regression Equations
4.1.4 Residuals Analysis

4.2 Multiple Regression

4.2.1 Non-Linear Regression
4.2.2 Multiple Regression
4.2.3 Confidence Intervals
4.2.4 Residuals Analysis
4.2.5 Data Transformation
4.2.6 Stepwise Regression
4.2.7 Logistic Regression


5.1 Lean Controls

5.1.1 Control Methods for 5S
5.1.2 Kanban
5.1.3 Poka-Yoke

5.2 SPC

5.2.1 SPC Data Collection
5.2.2 Xbar-R Chart
5.2.3 Xbar-S Chart
5.2.4 U Chart
5.2.5 C Chart
5.2.6 P Chart
5.2.7 NP Chart
5.2.8 CumSum Chart
5.2.9 EWMA Chart
5.2.10 Control Methods
5.2.11 Control Chart Anatomy
5.2.12 Subgrouping & Sampling
5.2.13 Control Limit Calcs

5.3 Control Plans

5.3.1 Cost Benefit Analysis
5.3.2 Elements of Control Plans
5.3.3 Elements of Response Plans

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MBizM Sdn. Bhd. (MBizM™) offers a range of Six Sigma, Lean, Quality and Soft Skills, Training and Consultancy Programmes. MBizM™ was founded to improve the competitive position of its customers by promoting the implementation of Business Process Improvement Methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean whilst equipping the participants with a range of quality management tools and soft skills. MBizM™ is a young and dynamic company where the company was founded by individuals that were actively involved in a wide range of projects in organizations mainly from the industrial, services and public sectors.

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