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Certificate of Completion awarded by Western Kentucky University (USA)

The Certified Contact Center Manager (CCCM) is developed for Contact Center management teams. It is a comprehensive program that provides an overview of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and the role the Contact Center plays within the whole CEM framework.  It also develops better insights into the challenges of day-to-day Contact Center operations management focusing on the people, process and technology. This workshop is for individuals who leads a Contact Center and needs to develop advanced Contact Center leadership competencies to transform their operations into a successful customer contact Center.

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Develop an overview understanding of organizational Customer Experience Management
  • Execute effective Contact Center Management operations through an improved understanding of key elements required for high performance
  • Understand the fundamentals of a high energy Contact Center environment
  • Develop competency in a Contact Center Manager with the knowledge and skills to manage and maximize internal resources
  • Gain knowledge on current world-class benchmark practices
  • Develop a deep understanding of performance metrics and how to predict it’s effects
  • Provide morale and performance boosters for the Contact Center management team




  • The Evolution of Customer Service to Customer Experience
  • Differences Between Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Service
  • Customer Experience Roles – Senior Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Research & Development, IT

Module 1: Executing Customer Experience Management

  • Understanding the Importance and Role of a Contact Center within the CEM Framework
  • The Importance of a Strategic Foundation for a Contact Center
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values
  • Activity: Developing the Contact Center charter for operational focus

Module 2: Customer Relationship Done Right

  • Exceeding Customer Delight – The Way Forward
  • Creating the Branded Customer Experience
  • Service Products vs. Manufactured Products – Key Differences / Key Similarities
  • Activity: Developing differentiation for external and internal customers in your Contact Center


Module 3: Controlling Turnover in Your Contact Center

  • Understanding the High Turnover Phenomenon
  • Defining the Turnover Challenge – Positive and Negative Attrition
  • Effective Measures to Manage Turnover Rate
  • Discussion and sharing: Case study analysis and developing stop-gap measures

Module 4: Recruiting the Right Professionals for Your Contact Center

  • The Importance and Key Elements In Recruiting The Right Professional for Your Contact Center
  • Identifying Your Staffing Philosophy and Procedures
  • Identifying Agent Competencies and Developing Behavioral Interviewing Skills
  • Activity: The recruitment grid and behavioral interviewing simulation

Module 5: Counsel, Coach, Train and Develop (CCTD) The Contact Center Professional

  • What is CCTD and How it Works in a Contact Center
  • The CCTD Approaches for Various Types of Contact Center Professionals
  • The Practice of Continuous and Consistent CCTD
  • Role-play: Scenario based coaching role-plays


Module 6: Transforming Contact Center Metrics to Your Advantage

  • Understanding Contact Center Numbers for Performance
  • The 5 Key Rules of Measurement Techniques
  • Identifying Your Contact Center’s Key Performance Indexes
  • Performance Analysis Tool
  • Determining Metrics Indicators
  • Performance Dashboard Metrics
  • Benchmarking Your Service Level
  • Ownership of Measurements
  • Activity: Dashboard analysis and evaluation of suitability of measurements to Contact Center objectives

Module 7: Call Forecasting and Staff Scheduling

  • Understanding Inbound Call Volume Characteristics
  • Forecasting Methods – Time Series Forecasting and Explanatory Forecasting
  • Staff Schedule Development – How Many Agents?
  • Developing and Implementing an Effective Roster
  • Developing the Key Components of a Successful Action Plan
  • Activity: Case study and knowledge sharing on ideal approach to schedule communication for your Contact Center

Module 8: Aligning Contact Center and Personal Strategic Focus

  • Setting Realistic Objective, Goals and Targets
  • Developing the Key Components of a Successful Action Plan
  • Managing Change in a Performance Focused Contact Center
  • Activity: Self-reflection and goal setting post-workshop


Module 9: Contact Center Tools and Technology

  • Understanding ACD, IVR and CRM Technology
  • The Purpose and Impact of ACD, IVR and CRM Technology
  • Various Types of e-Support Tools: e-learning & knowledge management
  • Activity: The Contact Center technology blueprint challenge


Ken Ng

Ken serves as Principal Consultant and leads the training team for The ATCEN Group - a leading regional service provider of people and organizational development consulting, human performance, education and events organising. He is a Certified Professional Speaker, Certified Support Manager from Service Support Professional Association of America, a Certified Master Trainer from Western Kentucky University, USA and holds a BSc. in Marketing and Organizational Communication. Ken has been in the forefront of the Asian leadership and people development industry since the late-80’s and is many a time better known as the “Sifu” to his peers, colleagues, partners and customers.

Ken’s professional experience have led him to numerous positions in consulting and people development engagements at Multi-national Companies, Large Local Conglomerates and Government Link Companies regionally; he works extensively with Middle and Senior Management both in Asia Pacific and the United States.  It is with this exposure, he has developed and applied his skills as a visionary public speaker, sincere trainer and strategist to the benefit of his companies, clients, and community.

An entrepreneur and founder of service oriented organizations in Malaysia he has held key positions in many organizations such as CEO of Training Touch, CEO of Leadership Asia, Senior Consultant with the largest Business Process Outsourcing organization in Asia, Head of Technical Support for the Nokia Care Line responsible for supporting of the South East Asia and Asia Pacific region, consultant for Microsoft Malaysia’s MSN website to Marketing Strategist for the Kirby Company, USA and many more.

With more than 25 years of both platform speaking and training experience, Ken is a much sought after speaker and has been highly involved in providing strategic directions for the Asian customer contact management industry through summits, congresses, conferences and knowledge sharing tradeshows. His experience in delivering engaging and captivating talks and speeches has inspired thousands.

A large amount of his time currently involves coaching individuals of senior level management to polish and develop their individual speech and speaking styles to persuade, influence and inspire audiences in business situations.  He is constantly engaged to develop ‘C’ level executives and senior management teams on enhancing confidence and control in their public speaking delivery.

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Early Bird Discount RM9,500 for 3 pax


No. of Days: 3
Total Hours: 21
No. of Participants: 10
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ATCEN aspires to be Asia’s People and Capacity Development Partner. We believe all individuals can contribute to the betterment of self, the organization and the community. Having played an active role in developing high performance in the human capital of large, medium and small organizations in the Asia Pacific Region, we continue to strive to deliver measurable change in our services.

Established since 2003, we have garnered extensive experience in delivering business training, business events and capacity building engagements for professionals and businesses worldwide.

In our customers’ eyes, ATCEN represents Accountable, Partnering, Integrity and Customer Centric. The ATCEN Team delivers exceptional quality services by empowering our people to fulfil our purpose and mission to develop people and build sustainable capabilities in organizations.

ATCEN’s Affiliations and Partners:

  • Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB/ HRDF): ATCEN is a Class “A” training provider for PSMB (HRDF) and a 5 Star Rated Training Provider.
  • Ministry of Finance: Registered for training, course/seminar and education management.
  • Western Kentucky University (WKU, USA): ATCEN is a WKU Asia partner, offering their certification programs for the Asian community. ...
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