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HypnoYoga Retreat

Looking for happiness? Longing for a quality relaxation? Desire to improve the quality of life? Longing to escape from this concrete jungle?

It’s NOW time to ALLOW yourself to relax and learn in a fun, positive environment. We are the first company that combines yoga into Hypnotherapy, known as HypnoYoga Retreat.

Let’s enjoy the learning journey with us.

Cheers, Cynthea Inggu, 0172209263 Yen Universe Consultancy
" Giving Happiness "
Website: www.yenuni.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yenuni
Our training are recognized by HRDF/ PSMB. We have registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Ministry of Human Resources as Training Provider.

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Yen Universe Consultancy was established since 2010.    
We  are   Giving  Happiness   by   conducting  Happy  Management, Hypnoyoga Retreat  and   Customized  In  House  Training.   Our  trainings  are  recognized by  HRDF/PSMB.  We  have   registered  with  Ministry  of  Finance  (MOF)  and Ministry  of  Human  Resources  as  Training   Provider.    

In  this  modern  age, with  the  ever  increasing  competition  from  the borderless  world  of  today,   corporate  and  company  have  to  be competitive and  remain  ahead. Company  decision   makers  have  to  be  alert  and prompt in  making important  decision.  Thus,  investment  in  the   human  capital development  is crucial  for  the  company  to  sustain  and  grow  its  economic   success without being  overly  dependent  on  others. Training  programs  are required  to  allow one  to  keep  abreast  with  current  work  practices.   ...
Yen Universe Consultancy Sdn. Bhd
017 220 9263
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