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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Learners

General FAQs

1. What is SpeedyCourse?

SpeedyCourse.com is a training course finder that lets you search different training courses offered by
different training providers. Our main goal is to make it easy for you to reach out to Training Providers and
enjoy easy enrollment process in the comfort of your home through our Online Enrollment.

2. What can I do with SpeedyCourse?

Search. Inquire. Enroll

Simply search any training courses, send your inquiries to different Training Providers & enroll to
selected training courses.

3. What are those that cannot be found in SpeedyCourse?

While you can search for any training, short courses, seminars, workshops, and other learning events--
MBA Programmes, Pre-school, OJT posting etc. cannot be found on SpeedyCourse.

4. Do I need to register a Learner account to be able to use SpeedyCourse?

No. You can search whatever course you like using SpeedyCourse, however, you need a Learner
account in order to send your inquiries to the Training Providers and enroll online.

To create a free Learner account, click here.

5. Do you provide training?

No. SpeedyCourse does not provide any training program

Account Setup

1. How to create a Learner account?

To proceed creating a free learner account, click here

2. I can't activate my Learner account using the code that you gave

As an alternative, you may LOGIN your account and click resend verification link. You must verify the
link that we sent to your email. Please make sure that it is a working email.

3. I can't verify my account, what do I do?

Please try to click resend verification link and try to verify it again by clicking the link sent to your
registered email address. If the problem still occur, contact us through our contact form or email your
concern to [email protected].

4. I forgot my password. How do I login my account?

Simply click the Forgot Password link in our LOGIN page and enter your registered email address.
Our system will send a verification link to proceed with setting a new password.

5. How can I change my user email address?

Sorry but we do not allow Learners to change their user email address however, you may create a
new Learner account instead.

Online Enrollment

1. How do I enroll online?

“Enroll Now” button is available . However, if you find the button unclickable, this means that the
course has no online enrollment. You may send a message to the Provider using the INQUIRE button
to request for an online enrollment.

2. I don't have a credit/debit card, how do I proceed with enrollment
through SpeedyCourse?

With SpeedyCourse Online Enrollment, you may enroll using:

Credit card/ Debit card
Bank Deposit
Onsite Payment

3. What is my proof that I am already enrolled via SpeedyCourse?

After successful enrollment, you will receive your e-ticket to your email.

4. I did not receive my e-ticket after successful enrollment.

There are some cases that it will accidentally landed on the Spam folder of your email. If you still can't
find your e-ticket, you may extract it from your Learner's account by following the steps below.

Step 1:  LOGIN your account
Step 2: Click “My Transactions” on the left panel of your Dashboard under “Views”
Step 3: Choose a course
Step 4: Hover your mouse to the attendee name and click “Print Ticket”


5. Can I enroll to any of the Providers found on your website?

You may enroll only to any courses that has online enrollment set by the Provider.

6. What countries are available for Online Enrollment?

Online enrollment is available in the Philippines for now. We will soon offer it to our other regions.

7. I accidentally deleted my enrollment tickets from my email Inbox.
What do I do?

You may extract a copy of your e-ticket from your Learner's account by following the steps below.

Step 1: LOGIN your account
Step 2: Click “My Transactions” on the left panel of your Dashboard under “Views”
Step 3: Choose a course
Step 4: Hover your mouse to the attendee name and click “Print Ticket”

8. Can I give a review or feedback on the course that I attended?

Yes. You will receive an email reminder after the course end date that you are eligible to write a review to
the course you just attended.

As a rule, you can only leave a review to a particular course if you have enrolled via SpeedyCourse
Online Enrollment.

Cancellation & Refund

1. As a Learner, what if I want to cancel the enrollment?

You can cancel your enrollment and request for refund within seven (7) days after your registration
date. And once submitted there’s no turning back: you can no longer edit or cancel your request.

That’s because we will have already released your slots to others who may want to register for the

2. Can I request for a partial refund instead?

You cannot request for a partial refund. When you cancel, it means you’re cancelling the whole order
— and all the tickets in that order. You cannot cancel one or a few tickets out of a batch. It’s an all-ornothing thing.

3. I wasn't able to attend on the day of the class, can I get a refund?

No. The ticket that you bought is considered sold therefore, cannot be refunded.

4. How long can I get the refund?

Once eligible for refund, you may check below number of days to know how long you could get your
full refunded amount base on the payment method that you use.

Paypal – 3 to 5 business days
Credit/Debit Card (outside Paypal)- 30 days

If you are a Provider & interested to try our Online Enrollment, please contact our Provider's Specialists
at support
or +63 997 9000 loc 107.

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