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Business English Grammar for Workplace Communication

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On-Site / Training
Ended last Dec 19, 2019
MYR  1,500.00


**All participants will be provided unlimited access for limited time to online e-Learning platform called Reallyenglish (Practical English 7).**

If your language skills are rusty and you can’t remember all those grammar rules from your earlier education, then this Business English Grammar for Workplace Communication Workshop is for you.  This workshop is carefully designed to help you brush up your language skills and gain confidence in a workplace where communication skills are increasingly important.

Business English Grammar for Workplace Communication Workshop will help improve your oral and written communication.  The fun approach in this workshop makes the entire topic of grammar less intimidating and easier to grasp.

The workshop is essentially communication-driven.  The key grammar in each module has been selected carefully to ensure that only genuinely useful language skills are learnt and can be used immediately and almost effortlessly in the workplace.

Workshop Learning Objectives

To facilitate comprehension and promote participants’ confidence by providing small, easily mastered grammatical segments
To develop sharp grammar skills that help participants speak and write effectively and confidently
To provide practical and proven strategies for participants to apply and see immediate improvement in effective sentences and business writing skills
To provide the most essential business English expressions for practical day-to-day usage
To build self-esteem and confidence in the use of English Language      


Module 1: Let’s Speak English

The Origins of The English Language 
Malaysian English Versus Standard English 
Why Business English and Ways to Improve


Module 2: Is that Grammatically Correct?

Break Them Down
Parts of Speech
Active vs Passive Voices
Commonly Made Mistakes


Module 3: Master the Verb Tenses

Master These Simple Rules
Past, Present and Future
Only The Essentials But Crucial Ones

Module 4: Business Grammar in Action

Effective Business Writing
The Beauty of Plain English
Understand Targeted Audience
The Four-Point Plan
Commonly Misused Words and Phrases
The Email Etiquette

Module 5: Polish the Document

The Three-Stage Editing Process
Ensure the Clarity of the Message
Organize the Flow of the Message


Prem Kumar

is a Coach and Corporate English Teacher with 10 years of teaching and training experience. Having served in Singapore Airlines for 11 years as a cabin crew, he has given lectures, facilitated and trained programs in English for many years.

Getting students ready for the exam and helping them achieve their target score is Prem privileges. He has been providing students for IGCSE EFL & ESL, IELTS Academic & General, MUET, CAE, FCE & PET and he also teaches English to students less than private.

Prem is a certified trainer in English Language Travel and in Customer Service. In addition, he holds an ICL Diploma in Computer Studies simplified by Staffordshire Polytechnic, United Kingdom. Furthermore, Prem has certification in Transactional Analysis, Group Dynamics and Personal Development. He is an Independent Tourism Travel Coach for the Mesra Malaysia and English Tourism program from 2007 to 2012.
He has the experience of running a soft skills program with Synergy Consulting and has facilitated several programs for a major bank with them. He has also led a team building program for the same training provider, this time for global logistics companies.
Coach and Course Content Developers (up to the end of 2017), Prem has developed training modules for companies involved in logistics, transport, hospitality, communications, customer care, banks, healthcare and oil & gas. Some organizations that have developed modules and / or trained are Affin Bank, Maybank, BSN, Felda Hotel in Kuala Terengganu, Impiana Cherating, Ascott Service Suites, BHP, Terengganu State Tourism Council and DHL. He himself has developed Professional Service Courses, 192 Customer Service & English Services programs. Furthermore, he is an internal trainer for long-term English classes for both adults and children. Prem has developed a course for and administers 2 e-learning platforms for 3 years. This includes developing e-learning modules for various English language communication courses. The most recent training is the Health Care Professional English Communication Program with Thompson Medical Center and the SL1M program with UMW (Malaysia).
Besides being a good man, he is an excellent communicator in English and Bahasa Malaysia. He is able to translate and present programs created in English into Bahasa Malaysia. He presents his ideas confidently and easily. His involvement in various sectors has given his worldwide view and he can bring the scope into his teaching. Prem is a team player, a good listener and uses humor and anecdotes to keep his audience.

Special Offer

Early Bird Discount for 3 pax RM3,500


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 10
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