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It is a dream of an organization to make data-driven decision-making the norm by creating a culture that encourages critical thinking and curiosity.
In this training, we share how to turn data into opinions, arguments and insights that marketers can use to convey their intended messages.
With the rise of digital business and data-driven decision making, data storytelling has become even more important.
In this course, we will cover how to anaylse data given to tell the right stories based on behavorial science, behaviorial economics and understanding analytics.
By the end of the program, delegates should be able to have start a conversation with data, turn into ideas for decision making.


Module 1: How to make Effective Data-Driven Decision
  • Step 1 – Identify business objectives to determine which date to analyse:
    • Organization’s goals
    • Choose key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
    • Questions to ask so your analysis supports key business objectives.
  • Step 2 – Survey business teams for key sources of data:
    • Short and long term goals
  • Step 3 – Collect and prepare the data you need:
    • Accessing quality, trusted data
    • High impact & low complexity data sources
  • Step 4 – View and explore data:
  • Step 5 – Develop insights through Critical thinking:
    • Intuitive approach of Visual analytics – ask & answer questions of your data
    • Develop Critical thinking with data
    • Finding insights and communicating them in a useful, engaging way
    • Discover opportunities or risks that impact success or problem-solving.
  • Step 6 – Act on and share your insights for collaboration:
    • Highlight key insights b using informative text and interactive visualizations for collaborative decision making
    • Using insights take more-informed actions in daily work.
Module 2 : How to turn Data to Stories
  • Techniques of data storytelling
  • Story planning and storyboarding for the data
  • Identify storytelling context and objectives
  • Identify linkages between data and visuals
  • Present and Review Stories
Module 3: The Three Levels of Analytics
  • Descriptive analysis – What happened in the past?
  • Predictive analysis – What will/ could happen?
  • Prescriptive analysis -What should we do?
Module 4: Understanding Behavioral Science
  • Study of the emotional and psychological influences on decision making.
  • User-oriented, outcome-driven mindset
  • Design products and services that create more value for your customers
  • Facilitate rapid cycles of idea generation
Module 5 : Report Writing with Data
  • Define The Type Of Your Data Report
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Be Visually Stunning
  • Have Content Sharply Written
  • Keep It Simple And Don’t Be Misleading
Module 6: Maximizing data thru behavioral economics
  • Combine & economics to explore why people make choices & decisions social proof
  • Loss aversion
  • Endowment effect
  • Choice overload
  • Framing
  • Decoy effect
  • Anchoring
Module 7: Understanding analytics – People as Consumers
  • Understanding Demographics- attitude, beliefs, behaviour, buying pattern, lifestyle
  • Types of customers: loyal, discount, needs based, wandering, impulse
  • Economic, personal, apathetic shoppers
  • Understanding reward options: rational, sensory, social, ego satisfaction

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