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Successful organisations continually Satisfy Customers, Increase Customer Base, Prevent Brand Switching, Address and Solve Problems and Delight their customers. Leaders of these successful organisations are proficient at developing and implementing targeted and customer-centric strategies. These leaders understand their company’s vision, mission and values. They are aware of internal and external conditions and possess skills to utilize these conditions to continually enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the 4-day course, participants shall be expected to:

  • Evaluate customer preferences through various channels
  • Determine customer issues and devise relevant resolution strategies
  • Lead service enhancement initiative
  • Get everyone involved in playing their part in the overall service strategy
  • Utilize process mapping techniques to develop effective and customer-centric processes
  • Be prepared for external environment or internal changes that could affect service
  • Get buy-in from key officials on the need for positive change
  • Understand service data and decode numbers into future service improvement strategies
  • Have specific goals and action plans prepared for current and future actions.
  • Have alternative strategies in place in the event of uncontrollable threats for external forces



Course overview 

  • Overview of the course
  • Your personal objectives 

Steps to developing a customer service strategy 

  • Where do we stand?
  • Listing key elements of service that customers want and need
  • Exercise: Where do we stand with our customers? 
  • The external environment impact on service and business
  • Understanding the components of the external environment
  • Internal features of your business
  • Exercise: Developing actions based on the external and internal environments 
  • Conducting Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Developing survey questions
  • Collecting and analysing data
  • Impact and importance of CSI
  • Developing strategy based on survey data results
  • Exercise: Data collection, calculation, CSI determination, Strategy Statements 
  • SWOT analysis explained
  • Exercise: Conducting SWOT analysis to identify your company’s service strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Developing strategy through creating relationships between internal and external factors that influence service 
  • Process mapping explained
  • Exercise: Mapping individual “AS IS” service processes to find gaps
  • Exercise: Developing “TO BE” service process maps for improved service and to resolve customer difficulties and complaints 
  • Customer Service goals explained
  • Critical success factors
  • Exercise: Service goal setting and strategy action planning 

Monitor and evaluate progress 

  • How to measure service quality
  • Customer Service data and KPI’s explained
  • Service levels best practices
  • Setting customer service KPI’s for frontliners
  • CRM technology / software as a service enhancement and measurement tool


Shahrukh Moghal  is a Certified Trainer by PSMB Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad - Certificate # EMP / 1654.He has over 15 years of experience in call centre training and training coordination. Shahrukh believes that front-liners deserve to be assured of their importance in the overall mix of the organizational structure. The experiences that he has injected into his call centre training and consultancy date back to 1990 when he began his career as a call centre agent in the United States. Subsequently, he moved up the ranks of agent to team leader to internal trainer over a period of 6 years. Since then, he has been actively involved with developing agent and team leader skills within call centre teams in a multitude of industries including Media, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, BPO companies, Pharmaceutical Sales Companies, Software Developers and more. This experience as a Call Centre trainer and project coordinator has been instrumental in the development of his understanding of call centre agent and team leader psychology, what drives each position and how skills are developed in each area.

Shahrukh is a respected training provider, not just a trainer. He has coordinated training for multiple clients at a time, for the past 17 years. In some cases 12 to 15 training programs being conducted concurrently in that many locations with that many trainers with hundreds of trainees. This means he handles processes from client enquiry to training proposal development, fee and training module negotiation and adjustment, training confirmation, coordinating trainer schedules, training materials, trainer and client liaison, understanding client training needs and handling trainer and trainee queries and concerns. With this capability, he is considered a “go-to” for any training project coordination requirement.

Shahrukh is the man behind The PLEASE! Workshops which train frontliners to implement winning Customer Interaction Tools such as to Probe, Listen, Empathize and Articulate. The PLEASE!™ Workshops are suitable for any executive who interacts with customers regularly. This is a powerful tool, especially in Call Centre Agent skills development. His training sessions are filled with an air of positivity and motivation for the participants. His training style revolves around Concepts, Application, Reflection and most of all FUN!!

Shahrukh’s youtube channel including frontliner skills development modules is as follows: http://www.youtube.com/shahtrainer

Shahrukh’s call centre training clients:

  1. Maxis Berhad – Call Centre Outbound Tele-Debt Collector and Team Leader  assessment and training
  2. Reliance Berhad Call Centre – High Impact Telesales Skills (Assessment & Training)
  3. Affin Bank Berhad Call Centre–Telephone debt collection skills
  4. HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad – Branch TELESALES training of financial products
  5. HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad Call Centre – CRM training for the DRM Team
  6. Hong Leong Group Call Centre – Finance, Bank, Assurance and Customer Service
  7. Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. – Call Centre Customer Service
  8. The Bank of Nova Scotia Berhad – Financial products telesales
  9. Malaysia National Insurance Call Centre – Sales training for a Child Education plan
  10. Legend Hotel Call Centre– Time Share appointment and Customer Service training
  11. Palace of the Golden Horses - Time Share Telesales
  12. ING Insurance – Employee benefit customer service
  13. Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad Call Centre –Phone Banking telesales
  14. Malaysian Oxygen Berhad  Call Centre – Call Centre Telesales & Teleservice
  15. Malaysia Airlines Golden Boutiques – Buy n Fly card telesales training
  16. New Straits Times– Classified Ads-Call Centre & Face to face service
  17. Utusan Melayu Call Centre – Classified Advertising-Outbound Telemarketing Skills
  18. Elken Sdn Bhd – Counter Service / Effective Communication / Customer Service
  19. British American Tobacco – Effective Communication and Selling Skills (Kent)
  20. Yellow Pages Call Centre – Appointment setting Skills
  21. MNI Oneline Call Centre – Telesales and Teleservice training
  22. Zuellig Pharma Call Centre -  Customer Service and Team Leader Training
  23. Eon Bank Call Centre – Debt collection and Call Centre Customer Service
  24. AmAssurance Call Centre – Setting up a new Telesales Unit & Call centre training
  25. RHB Bank Call Centre– Outbound Telesales Training
  26. Maybank Group Contact Centre – Outbound Telesales Skills (Insurance products)
  27. OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad – Outbound Telesales Skills transactional banking
  28. Bank Rakyat Call Centre – Telesales and Service training
  29. SP Setia – Outbound Telesales skills
  30. Bonuslink Call Centre – Outbound Telesales Skills & Inbound Customer Service
  31. Etiqa Insurance Berhad – Brand Delivery training campaign
  32. CSC Malaysia Berhad BPO Call Centre– Ensuring contact centre success
  33. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia – Call centre Customer Service Skills
  34. Mimos Berhad – Mutiara Smart Computing – Call Centre Customer Service Skills
  35. Citylink Express Courier Call Centre– Call Centre Customer Service Skills
  36. POS Malaysia Call Centre – Pos Laju Call centre debt collection skills
  37. Sunlife Insurance – Call Centre Customer Service Skills
  38. DKSH Malaysia – Call centre agent assessment and one to one coaching
  39. Gibraltar BSN Life Insurance Berhad – Formerly UniAsia Life - Call Centre Telesales
  40. Corporate Information Travel – Service Based Telephone Techniques & Handling Difficult Callers
  41. HRDF – PSMB Call Centre Customer Care Excellence
  42. Gabungan AQRS Berhad – Communication Skills
  43. Aeon Credit Services Sdn. Bhd. – Telesales training for financial services
  44. MRCA (Malaysian Retail Chain Association) – Developing and Implementing Customer Service Strategies
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