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Effective Business Writing Skills

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On-Site / Training
Ended last Nov 26, 2019
MYR  1,500.00


**All participants will be provided unlimited access for limited time to online e-Learning platform called Reallyenglish (Practical English 7).**

This practical workshop delves into how to send precise and concise written messages to a receiver with a high level of professionalism. The workshop highlights the need for a polished and structured business writing format.  It also emphasizes the importance of using contemporary, appropriate and grammatically correct language expected in professional business writing.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Develop the skills of effective business writing that produce positive results.
Develop the skills of good communication in workplace.
Plan your writing for success.
Identify the purpose of writing & understand your reader.
Recognize common writing practices that should be avoided.
Develop the skills of writing the right style.
Write effective documents by applying principles learnt.
Write clear and easy to understand letters and emails.
Recognize and avoid the most frequently misused words & phrases in business writing.
Apply consciously the three-stage editing process.
Master basic rules in punctuation, grammar & syntax


Module 1: Business Writing Today

Effective Business Writing
Self-Assessment: Are You Writing Effectively?
The Beauty of Plain English
The 7Cs of Effective Business Writing

Module 2: Develop Effective Writing

Plan and Prepare Your Writing
Set Clear Communication Goals for A Clear Message
Understand Your Targeted Audience


Module 3: Writing the Right Style

Business Writing - Formal or Informal
What Do you Want to Convey & How Are You Going to Convey
Use the Right Tone
Choose the Right Words
Words and Phrases That Soften the Impact
Drop the Redundant Words
Stuffy vs. Straightforward Words

Module 4: Effective Letters & Emails

Four-Point Plan in Writing
Useful Language Expressions 
Write Effective Business Letters
Email Etiquette Always
Effective Layouts

Module 5: Polish the Document

The Three-Stage Editing Process
Ensure the Clarity of the Message
Organize the Flow of the Message
Grammar Essentials  
Commonly Misused Words & Phrases



Jay advocates that an “unexamined life, is a life not worth living” – Socrates. Hailing from a state famous for its food, Jay picked up Hokkien while growing up, apart from other languages he speaks. He is a sought-after consultant and trainer in Customer Experience, leadership Management, Communication and Organizational Culture Development programs. Jay has innate drives to coach and develop human capital globally to achieve their highest potential through competency based training and behavioral development. Hence, he has consulted and trained various industry players throughout Malaysia and Singapore in quality performance management, customer advocacy management, customer quality management, managerial and leadership skills, customer service skills, communication skills and various soft-skill programs.
Jay is qualified with a Diploma in Computer Studies and Business from the National Center of Computers (NCC) from the United Kingdom and attained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Communication from Upper Iowa University in the United States. He was a leader in various fraternities and organizations while working with the university as well.   He is a certified professional trainer under ARTDO International and is currently pursuing his Masters in Organizational Psychology.
Jay has 18 years of work experience in various industries throughout Malaysia, he strongly believes that developing human capital in the area of service is the key fundamental aspect of any successful business and that service itself needs to grow towards the higher expectations and consumer experience in current competitive industries. He started out his career in the service industry, managing reputable restaurants in Penang.  He was in hotel management when he first came to KL, and later joined a contact centre of a multinational company for 8 years that provides IT solutions for corporate and consumer customers globally. Jay has developed various competency framework management and training development program in customer service, customer experience and performance leadership management in which Jay has his niche in. Having experience being in operations, management and consultation, he can relate to current people development issues and challenges faced by the many organizations.  In addition to that, Jay also has a few years of experience in sales and marketing, advertising, public relations consultation and as a Training Manager for a facilities management company.
Within his years of experience, he has successfully executed different ad-hoc projects, such as developing high service standards for service industries, quality process improvements, human resource management, recruitment management, talent development framework, mystery shopping, producing and conducting major corporate events and team-buildings for reputable companies, making him versatile, adaptable and experienced in delivering quality training for his clients.
Jay’s conviction in training is when skills and knowledge that are planted and cultivated with new learning experiences can never return to old measured expectations.

Special Offer

Early Bird Discount for 3 pax RM3,500


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 10
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ATCEN aspires to be Asia’s People and Capacity Development Partner. We believe all individuals can contribute to the betterment of self, the organization and the community. Having played an active role in developing high performance in the human capital of large, medium and small organizations in the Asia Pacific Region, we continue to strive to deliver measurable change in our services.

Established since 2003, we have garnered extensive experience in delivering business training, business events and capacity building engagements for professionals and businesses worldwide.

In our customers’ eyes, ATCEN represents Accountable, Partnering, Integrity and Customer Centric. The ATCEN Team delivers exceptional quality services by empowering our people to fulfil our purpose and mission to develop people and build sustainable capabilities in organizations.

ATCEN’s Affiliations and Partners:

  • Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB/ HRDF): ATCEN is a Class “A” training provider for PSMB (HRDF) and a 5 Star Rated Training Provider.
  • Ministry of Finance: Registered for training, course/seminar and education management.
  • Western Kentucky University (WKU, USA): ATCEN is a WKU Asia partner, offering their certification programs for the Asian community. ...
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